July 05, 2006

Comment #2

Recent deleted post by Ragwot from A Little Reason

I'm starting to wonder when you people will stop "insulting" (Not like they work) us.

Anyway, towards the post. Alright. Agreed... To the first part.

The other part... well... not so much... considering the fact a friend of mine (14 at the time) had sex with her boyfriend (24) and actually... they ended up getting married earlier this year (18 and 28)... So, how love and sex cannot co-exist...
well, it's not exactly true, and makes little sense.

Maybe it's a "special" case, perhaps it's not.

Once again, just putting out my opinon.

*Waits for the delete*

Another comment deleted from the same blog post, posted by Ragwot

It has everything to do with the fact. If love and sex cannot co-exist, even though they DID have sex, and they still /do/ love each other, and did at the same point that they had sex... than love and sex in an adult/child relationship CAN exist. =)

Nothing is impossible =D

July 03, 2006

Welcome Me!

Well, where to begin, I am Jeremy also know as Invincible for the sake of blogger. Im a GL, and as so I take offense to what AZ is doing, they attack EVERYONE not just the true Pedophiles, the ones who look for nothing but sexual activity from children with no other intentions. I am here to voice my opinion and will do so as I see fit.

Comment #1

First deleted comment I have... simply because I saved it =D

This comes from Note to all the pedofreaks

*Sighs* Do you want FUCKING proof or are you going to sit in your little box and say

"Oh my, maybe she was right and we were wrong. Oh dearie me! We fucked up. Quick make it seem like she was never here! Oh my god! We can't be seen as wrong, no mistakes, no mistakes!"

I actually spit my pepsi on my computer screen after your comment, I roared with laughter. You definately brightened my day. =)

It just goes to show, you so called "normal" people are afraid to take chances... =) I'm glad to know some of us are that scared. It makes those of us who arn't so much more better.

Oh, and I was rather disappointed that only one person emailed me in an effort to help.

So I'd like to congratulate drunken Samurai for he had the bravery and concern to listen to an honest person and at least believe partially.

Anyway, go ahead ;) Delete my comment. I know you're going to. We can't have a child proving us wrong, now can we? =)

I'm off to bed. Don't expect to fight with me until I wake up-- Oh wait, I have a life. I'm going out with friends... I don't have time for your stupidity until the early hours of the morning, or whenever I feel like it.

Have a fun time until then. Don't wait for me ;) Continue your pointless chatter.

This right here proves that they want to believe their own beliefs without anything getting in to change their minds. Obviously the reason they deleted it was because they found it to be... well... let's just say they think they're high and mighty fuckheads ;)



This blog was created for the purpose of reposting comments that Absolute Zero has deleted. Just because they don't want us expressing our opinons on their stupidity on their blog, doesn't mean we can't do it elsewhere.