July 05, 2006

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Recent deleted post by Ragwot from A Little Reason

I'm starting to wonder when you people will stop "insulting" (Not like they work) us.

Anyway, towards the post. Alright. Agreed... To the first part.

The other part... well... not so much... considering the fact a friend of mine (14 at the time) had sex with her boyfriend (24) and actually... they ended up getting married earlier this year (18 and 28)... So, how love and sex cannot co-exist...
well, it's not exactly true, and makes little sense.

Maybe it's a "special" case, perhaps it's not.

Once again, just putting out my opinon.

*Waits for the delete*

Another comment deleted from the same blog post, posted by Ragwot

It has everything to do with the fact. If love and sex cannot co-exist, even though they DID have sex, and they still /do/ love each other, and did at the same point that they had sex... than love and sex in an adult/child relationship CAN exist. =)

Nothing is impossible =D


Blogger Llort said...

Stop dreaming pedo, just leave the kids alone!

5:52 PM  
Blogger Llort said...

Sex between a child and an adult should not happen, in most parts of the world it is a crime and is why there are Age Of Consent laws. A normal adult would brush away any advances made by a child, but obviously a perverted person such as a pedophile would take advantage of the situation - but it's still against the law and heavy penalties apply. Also of course the pedophile takes things much further by actually seducing the child (grooming).

3:44 PM  
Blogger Llort said...

Getting back to your original post, you say she was 14 and he the pedophile was 24. Firstly what was the situation? How did the pedophile get access to the minor in the first place. Usually pedophiles avoid children with a father and go for the vulnerable working mother situation. Even so the pedophile should be strung up by the balls for breaking the age of consent laws. Another thing to consider in this is the age difference later on. In this case when the girl is 40 the pedophile will be 50, at this rate the girl will be a widow way before her time. Pedophiles always try to pick away at the edges of the AOC laws, but as far as I'm concerned they are there to keep filthy slimey fucking pedophiles out of the pants of kids. Pedophiles are so fucking selfish, even though they rant on about their YF's they really only think of themselves!

6:11 PM  
Blogger Llort said...

Love and sex in an adult relationship is fine and natural but when it comes to the notion of an adult having sex with a minor (with or without love) is a no no. I know it happens but these pedophiles should be punished with the full extent of the law. Usually the pedophile uses very slimey tactics to get access to the family, which sometimes take a considerable time to gain the trust of the mother. As I said in my earlier post pedophiles very rarely try in family where there is a father, for the fear of having their fucking brains beaten out. Even if it is with the consent of the child it is against the law and downright immoral.

6:23 PM  

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